Monday, February 27, 2012


References - Chet Gladkowski

“Chet knows how to 'rightly divide the Word of truth.' Many people give a surface insight into the Word, but God has given Chet the ability to truly bring out the meaning in His Word.”
Ellis F. Goldstein, Director
Campus Crusade for Christ, Collingville CT

“A relevant communicator of truth with a compassion for people, Chet has a strong desire to share the love of Christ through Biblical understanding. He has a heart for people and even greater heart for God and His Word.  Chet knows people and his material, but most importantly he knows Jesus!”
Bruce Reynolds, Director of Ministries
Cornerstone Church, St. Pete FL

“Chet is an extremely gifted, fun and motivating teacher of God's eternal truth.  He makes the Bible come alive and prepares people for change.”
Brian Phipps, GROW Pastor
Westside Family Church, Kansas City KS

"Appreciate Chet's spirit, knowledge and communication skills.  You blessed us!"
Scott Markley, Lead Pastor
First Baptist Church of Lake Wales FL

“Chet’s communication is clear and passionate. His spirit of love mixed with commitment to truth is refreshing.  He clearly presented Jesus and what He has done for us. I certainly recommend Chet to others.” 
Pastor Mark James
Church of the Nazarene, Oxford PA

“Chet’s gift for bringing everyday moments in to God's focus is inspirational. Chet's knowledge of scripture and its application to our lives is a joy to discover!” 
Shelley Brandon, Allendale MI

“Chet continues to be my "go to" person when I have a question about scripture or faith related issues.  His common sense approach to God's Word is just what I need.  God is using Chet to speak His truth, always directing me to scripture for answers.  He truly believes God's answers are the only answers we should seek.”
Karen Williams, Lake Wales FL

“Chet has a passion for studying, teaching and communicating the truths of scripture with a focus on Christ.  Chet introduces many concepts by sharing movie clips, quotations, and sometimes humorous events.  You won't be bored when sitting under Chet's teaching!”
Beth Rudolph

Response from Understanding Mormonism

“Chet is a man with a passion!  He loves the Lord, loves His church and loves sharing with God’s people.  His class on Understanding Mormonism was well received, sparked a great deal of interest and evoked many positive comments.  Understanding Mormonism would be a great blessing to any church or organization.”
Tim Storms, Associate Pastor
Christ Community Church, Winter Haven FL

Understanding Mormonism prompted many thoughts and questions to pursue...most of all, our need to understand faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Creator.”
Don Aldrich

“We are at a loss tell you how much we enjoyed Understanding Mormonism.
Charlie & Barb Lane

“We enjoyed Understanding Mormonism VERY much.  We would sit in Chet's class anytime.”
Ray & Wilma Hewlett

“Really enjoyed Understanding Mormonism. Chet does an excellent job in presentation and keeping the discussion alive and moving.
Bill Whitmire

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