Monday, February 27, 2012

Expression - Faith Questions

Faith Questions – No matter where people are on their spiritual journey, there seems to be a set of troubles and questions that inevitably come up.  Instead of hiding from these questions, we need to shine a bright light on them, pointing people to the answers found in Jesus Christ.  Faith Questions explores these vital questions from a uniquely historical, cultural and Biblical perspective.
  • Bible – why is it the Word of God and do we have to take it literally?
  •  Jesus – who is he and what makes him unique from other religious leaders?
  • Pain, Evil and Suffering – if God is good and all powerful, why does he allow it? Can't he stop it?
  • Pleasure – don't we deserve a life full of joy, delight and success?
  • Hell – does a good God really send people to an eternity of separation and suffering?
  • Doubt – is it OK to doubt God and what should I do with my questions?
  • One Way – is there really only one way to God? What about everyone that never heard about Jesus?
  • Power – how can I follow Jesus when history is full of examples where the Church abused its power and oppressed the poor?

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