Monday, February 27, 2012

Expression - Understanding Mormonism

Understanding Mormonism – There's lots of "buzz" about Mormonism today.  Mitt Romney's victory in numerous primaries puts the topic front and center.  There have been countless conflicting comments about Mormonism and the "cult" word.  Broadway's smash hit "The Book of Mormon" and the “Twilight” books also bring additional media attention.  There seem to be so many questions and inconsistent reports about Mormons and their core beliefs.  There is way too much “hearsay” about “heresy” with little “clarity”.  Understanding Mormonism covers all the vital topics you need to know through a balance of “truth and love” including;
  • Introduction & history of Mormonism
  • Key beliefs (Bible, God, Jesus, people, sin, salvation)
  • Are Mormons Christians – answers from Joseph Smith
  • The "essence" of Christianity
  • Keys to talking with Mormons

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