Friday, May 10, 2013

Press Release -

For Immediate Release and GLAD Associates
 are pleased to announce a new online radio program:
Weekly Grace

A new program, Weekly Grace has been added to’s broadcast schedule at 3PM every Monday and Friday. Starting May 13, Weekly Grace will be a 15-minute practical Bible study lead by Chet Gladkowski of Lake Wales, FL.

“We are very happy to bring Weekly Grace to our listeners” says Lionel Green, President of “Chet clearly communicates the good news of Jesus through a very unique and personable style. You can hear it in Chet’s voice; his easy-to-listen-to approach for a hurting and broken world comes from personal experience and pain. He has the scars to prove it too! I know he will be a great blessing to our radio family.”

While Chet has been teaching the Bible since 1971 in various traditional settings, for the past year he’s been leading a live internet broadcast for Dr. Diane Dike and her ministry, Second Chance with Saving Grace. A natural byproduct has been to post these Bible studies on YouTube so people could re-watch and share them. These Bible studies will form the heart of Weekly Grace.

“Chet has been a great addition to our ministry for broken and hurting people” says Dr. Diane Dike, President of Second Chance with Saving Grace. “Every week he brings an inspired message from the Bible that energizes and encourages people around the world. God has used these internet and YouTube Bible studies to speak His truth, love and compassion into the lives of people that have believed the lie that there is no hope. They come away with God’s promise of strength and the Good News of God's transforming grace! His message and interesting presentation always hits the spot.”

“God has been faithfully guiding towards this day and opportunity with” says Chet Gladkowski, President of GLAD Associates. “I am truly humbled and honored for the privilege of joining the WBGRonline family. Together with Lionel, we look forward to God speaking to and healing many broken hearts and lives.”


WBGRonline.comLaunched in May 2012, offers 21 national and local religious programs around the clock. For more information, contact:

Lionel Green, President
6004 Princess Garden Parkway
Lanham, MD 20706
(301) 459-2558

Second Chance with Saving Grace – an international nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Diane Dike and her husband Paul. Its mission is to transform lives by sharing Diane's message of hope and encouragement, based on her personal journey from pain and darkness to joy. For more information, contact;

Dr. Diane Dike, President
Second Chance with Saving Grace
P. O. 673
Eagle, CO 81631
(303) 225-2717

GLAD Associates – Using a very unique and practical communication style, Chet Gladkowski approaches the issues and heartache that people face with the solution focused solely on a relationship with Jesus Christ as the answers to our greatest need. GLAD Associates is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. For more information, contact,

Chet Gladkowski, President
GLAD Associates
1101 Cephia St.
Lake Wales, FL 33853 - blog
GladAssociates - YouTube

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